Baildon has a wide variety of intriguing courtyards and gardens that are often hidden from view but offer glimpses of delight as you wander around the streets and pathways. Since 2016, for one day per year a number of your neighbours open their gardens to the public, with the aim of raising money for a local charity. Tea and cake stops are also available!


Hi All

We are pleased to announce that programmes are now on sale at the following 3 outlets in Baildon.

Station Road Post Office.
Finesse, 17 Northgate.
Twelve Café Bar, 12 Northgate.

Our team have been working really hard behind the scenes and this year we are pleased to publicise that 22 very kind private garden owners are opening their gates for your pleasure.

On Saturday 29th June we bring you 12 gardens in the Station Road area. While on Sunday 30th June 10 new gardens around Baildon Village centre and along the West Lane, Prod Lane corridor to Shipley Glen are opening their gardens.

However small or large, we wish to express our thanks to everyone that it taking part in this event.

Spread the word and if you have not done so already please click the “Event” button on left hand side of our Facebook page f you are coming or interested in attending, thank you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.